Jen Thompson Makes Some Tough Decisions About Contest Dates

Since Jen Thompson accepted the position of CEO with the NSL, her goal has been and continues to be, create the best possible experience for the athletes and fans. To make things better changes are needed and for some those changes can be difficult but in the end it is best to make a plan for things to be better than stick with a plan that isn’t working well.

The 2018 contest schedule promised around 30 shows for 2018 which was a huge increase from the 2017 contest schedule. Some of the new contest city’s didn’t produce enough registered competitors and those shows were cancelled. Rather than leave the balance of the season in question, Jen took a hard look at the contest schedule for the balance of 2018 and made the very tough decision of cancelling some show so her team could focus on the shows she knew would be successful, then use NSL resources to make those remaining shows as spectacular as possible for the athletes and fans.

The result may be less shows this year but those shows will be some of the very best the NSL has produced thus far.

I lost a lot of sleep making this decision“, said Jen, “but in the end my goal is to make things better for our athletes and fans and strong, exciting and rewarding contests make the NSL experience much better for everyone. At the end of the season I know this will prove to be the best decision. It’s hard though. As a former competitor I know what it feels like to be disappointed when you plan to do a show but I would rather be at a show where the competition and experience is top quality. It was a tough decision but I believe it is the right decision in the long run. Our athletes can be assured 100% that every show remaining on the schedule this year will be amazing contests and there will not be any more cancelations. When I sit down with the team to plan out 2019 we will be more conservative and only schedule contests we know will be our very best.  In the mean time we are working hard to develop new markets with people in those communities so they are fully ready to support a new and spectacular show when the time comes.

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