Jen Thompson Answers Some Tough Questions In Our Talk About The NSL

Jennifer Thompson, Co-Founder of The Nspire Sports League, is the first female CEO in Physique Sports. Ironically, the competitive side of the industry is dominated by female competitors but until now, men have been at the wheel. Two months after accepting the position Jen is steamrolling over the status quo by re-building her organization from the ground up with an even greater focus on the competitor and fan experience as “they are our clients and we are here to serve them” Jen has said.

I didnt go easy on Jen during this interview, despite our friendship, as she said she wanted to answer all of my questions, easy and hard, and expected me to provide a powerful interview that answered as many questions as possible that fans and clients would have of her.

My assessment: This is a no joke woman and a very capable and driven CEO. The NSL is going through some growing pains but very soon all of that will be in the past and I can say with confidence, that the future looks incredibly bright. Jen Thompson is someone every woman should listen to and every athlete competiting in physique sports should want to compete in the organization she is now fully responsible for.

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