Sandi Townsend Is NSL’s First Regional Director

When NSL Co-Founder Jennifer Thompson stepped into her new role as CEO recently, she announced that she had three objectives that were her priority. Perhaps the most challenging of the three was to initiate a network of Regional Directors to represent the NSL in their respective areas. The purpose of Regional Directors is to help build and improve the NSL as well as represent the NSL for the public and athletes.

Sandi Townsend was chosen and has agreed to be the NSL Regional Director for Colorado. Sandi sets the bar high for others interested in a Regional Director position. She is a very successful professional athlete, Coach, businesswoman, and mother of triplets. Most important, Sandi’s reputation for honesty, fairness, caring about athletes and hard work is outstanding.

As Jennifer Thompson says, “The work of business leaders is to build culture and lead organizations that create value. To accomplish this in the NSL, my job is to make sure our mission is clear, to make sure the community knows our mission is about them- not personal gain, and to pursue goals that are big enough to require the work of others. With that being said, I am thrilled to have Sandi Townsend on board as our NSL Colorado Director. Because of her mindset, experience, values and work ethic, I have 100% belief that she will be an incredible asset and leader in this position. She is paving the way as our first NSL Director put into position and will be the standard to which all other Regional Directors are compared.”

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