Jen Thompson Becomes The First Female CEO In Physique Sports

Two weeks ago at the NSL Lake Tahoe contest, NSL Commissioner Lee Thompson announced that his wife and business partner, Jen Thompson would be taking over as CEO of the NSL so that he can focus on building an online ministry. She is the first female CEO in the history of Physique Sports.

“Jen has been doing the day to day operations of the NSL with me since we initially got the idea to start the company. I will remain as Commissioner but Jen will officially take full responsibility for the company, and I am focussing on launching an online ministry soon. I love the athletes and will remain a very active part of the NSL, and I will continue to attend all the shows, it’s just a shift in responsibility so I can focus on my ministry. I am so proud of Jen for accepting the CEO position and I am confident she will do an amazing job as she blesses us all with her energy, passion, experience, and brilliance.”
~Lee Thompson~

The change took place immediately, and in the past two weeks, Jen has already put some changes in place that will make the competing experience much better for the athletes and is working to create more benefit for the athletes both on and off the stage.

I spoke with Jen this week to discuss the change and her agenda for the immediate future.

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