To The Athletes

I’ve had the honor of being a fitness industry photographer and writer for twenty years now and I spent most of that time contributing to the top fitness publications and websites in the world. I’ve covered the industries biggest shows and expos and photographed or wrote about many of the fitness industry’s most well-known personalities. It was my job, and I enjoyed it, but I confess that I wasn’t always inspired.

When Lee Thompson and I talked about me getting involved with the NSL, it was the people I was most interested in learning about. I wanted to be inspired by the athletes I would work with as well as the people that run the organization. My standards were high. The organization had to exist for the athletes and those athletes had to be important and treated with respect by the organization.

I went to see my first NSL contest in 2017 and met many of the athletes and listened to their stories. I found that inspiration I was looking for. I saw how the show was run, what things were important to the organizers, and how the athletes were treated. The following Monday I became part of the NSL family and had loved every second of it since.

My job is to create an opportunity for you to share your stories with the world. The goal is to positively impact others and tell the stories that make competing, and you, about more than what you put on stage. If you have a story to tell, please contact me and let’s figure out the best way to do that.

I was talking with Lee Thompson recently. We both came up in the fitness world together and we have seen the worst of it, as well as the best. We were talking about the NSL and why he and Jen started it. It was for the athletes, he said, so they would have a safe and positive environment to compete in the sport they love. A place where they would not be taken advantage of. A place where they would be afforded enough time on stage to let their light shine and truly celebrate all they have achieved. And a place that they can be proud to be a part of now, as well as years from now when competing is a chapter of their life they look back upon fondly.

This is our home, our sport, our fitness family, and our organization.

It gets bigger and better with more shows and more prizes when we all get together and tell everyone we know about it. We can promote the NSL in our communities and gyms by telling our friends that deserve a great competing experience. Or our training clients that need a goal and a place to show off their hard work proudly. We have the ability to make our NSL what we want it to be. The organization was made for you and we care about what you think and want. Let us know how we can do better.

From Lee and Jen and the rest of us that keep this machine running, thank you for being a part of the NSL. You are the most important people in the organization and together we have the power to positively impact the world.

Terry Goodlad

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