The Hustle Town Open And The Athletes That Made It Great

In the 1969 Mr. Olympia contest, Sergio Oliva beat an up and coming young bodybuilder named Arnold Schwarzenegger. That was the last time Arnold would ever lose a bodybuilding contest. It was the birth of the most prolific figure in our sport, and he changed how the world looked at fitness and gyms and muscle forever.

As I watched Sergio and Arnold flex their muscles on TV, I fell in love with this sport. Almost half a century and hundreds upon hundreds of contests later enjoyed either as a competitor, coach, or journalist; I’m still a fan, and that love has only deepened.

Oddly enough though, it’s not the top athletes in the world that I get most excited to see anymore. Instead, it’s the athletes that are discovering their potential that I find most exciting.

The Hustle Town Open in Houston was the NSL 2018 season opener, and the athletes didn’t disappoint. There were some tremendous competitors on stage that we know we will even greater things from as they continue to shape and perfect their bodies and presentations. While judging and placing athletes is a part of our sport, these are not the only things we come together to celebrate.

There were amazing transformation stories; overwhelming challenges faced, stories of families brought together and others about having immeasurable courage in the face of painful losses. And one of the things I love most about the NSL, and there are many; the last place athletes were cheered just as loudly as those that finished in first place because everyone on stage earned it.

Thank you to all of our NSL athletes, you deeply inspire us all.

Photography: Jason Oliphant

Contest Results

Women’s Transformation
1st – Amy Brinkley #130
2nd – Kelly Scott #131

Men’s Physique Classic Elite
1st – Vincent Freeman #133
2nd – Nick Bagga #132
3rd – Drew Malhmood #134
4th – Rowdy Wickman #135

Men’s Physique Beach Challenger
1st – Jeffrey Hodges #139
2nd – Jack Sultan #140
3rd – Solomon Sii #136
4th – Chad Pittenger #138
5th – Dylan Tepera #137

Men’s Physique Beach Masters
1st – Jeffrey Hodges #139
2nd – Chad Pittenger #138

Men’s Physique Beach Elite
1st – Jeffrey Hodges #139
2nd – Jack Sultan #140

Bikini Beach Challenger
1st – Hannah Fletcher #144
2nd – Amy Brinkley #130
3rd – Chelsea Hailey #143
4th – Amy Elliott #142

Bikini Beach Masters
1st – Amie Howard #145
2nd – Jan Abante #146
3rd – Amy Elliott #142

Bikini Beach Elite
1st – Taylor Smith #148
2nd – Hannah Fletcher #144
3rd – Jan Abante #146
4th – Briana Muller #147
5th – Amy Brinkley #130
6th – Chelsea Hailey #143

Bikini Athletic Challenger
1st – Hannah Fletcher #144
2nd – Traci Newnham #150
3rd – Briana Muller #147
4th – Amy Brinkley #130
5th – Chelsea Hailey #143

Bikini Athletic Masters
1st – Traci Newnham #150
2nd – Amie Howard #145

Bikini Athletic Elite
1st – Hannah Fletcher #144
2nd – Traci Newnham #150
3rd – Taylor Smith #148
4th – Briana Muller #147

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