Reggie Williams Is Shaping Lives

Reggie Williams is an NSL Pro, but when he isn’t breaking hearts on stage, you can find him at Prairie View A&M University shaping the minds and bodies of America’s next generation of warriors.

LTC Reginald Williams, US Army ROTC, and Professor of Military Science is the top ranking officer at Prairie View A&M University, and along with his many responsibilities, he gets to hand out scholarship checks to qualifying students in the ROTC program.

“The students in the photo are both second semester Freshmen who have met the qualification to receive an Army ROTC Scholarship. They are enrolled as full time students, have a GPA above a 2.5, can pass an Army Physical Fitness Test, and are willing to commit to serving. In order to receive a scholarship, a student must commit to serve either three years in the Active Duty Army or 6 years in the Reserves. The funds from the scholarship can be applied to either Tuition and Fees, or Room and Board, whichever the student decides.”

The US Army has a deep commitment to educating prospective officers in the ROTC Program as LTC Williams explains. “The Army’s pool of funds for Scholarship is based on our defense budget, however this year’s budget was somewhere in the neighborhood of $360 million dollars. The scholarships range from 2 to 4 years, and in some cases we do extension given the students major.”

While the ROTC may not be for everybody, it can positively change the tragectory of a young person life by allowing them both an education and a level of work experience and credibility they will not find anywhere else.

While LTC Williams is responsible for managing the ROTC program at Prairie View A&M University, it’s not all business for him. “I cannot begin to describe the joy and pride that I feel when I both sign the contract and present the check. My parents paid to put me through the first two years of school, and I paid for the last, so I personally know the financial burden that is lifted when we do this for a student. Also for me, I know that one day my time in this uniform will come to an end and it gives me a sense of relief that I have a hand in training and developing our future, and funding their education is a part of the process.”

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