The Final Touches

Jen traveled to Las Vegas recently to do a two-day photoshoot for the first issue of Nspire Magazine. She arrived early in the morning, and after a couple of quick stops we drove to the studio, decided on wardrobe, and then sat down with the makeup artist to put some finishing touches on an already very beautiful face.

We put in an hour or so shooting the magazine cover, then switched gears and did some more candid editorial shots. The next day was spent on location shooting downtown Las Vegas in some of the rougher but very artsy areas of the city.

We wrapped up the shoot just in time to get Jen to the airport and back home to Dallas.

Jen did an amazing job, and while we had a lot of fun, Jen was candid about her previous discomfort in front of the camera. We took our time on the first day to talk about modeling, what was coming, and taking all the pressure away so we could just have fun.

Our talk hit the mark as Jen gave us some looks we have never seen her present for the camera before.

I hope you will love our work when Issue One is released soon.

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