The Commish Helps Heavy Metal Munching Logan Bartels At Space City Show

Every competitor knows that after the rigors of contest preparation and putting all your hard work on stage and under the lights, food is all that matters. And not the steamed broccoli and fish kind of food.

NSL Commissioner Lee Thompson has been there himself, so he made sure there were plenty of fresh and delicious donuts waiting backstage at the night show at the Space City Open this past weekend in Houston.

It was a good idea, and most of the competitors took advantage, but Logan Bartels was more interested in savoring the heavy metal he had won than deep-fried happiness covered with sprinkles and icing. The Commish – always happy to be there for his NSL athletes – helped Logan devour his share of the donuts.

Editors Note:
Lee actually waived on the donuts and Logan didn’t, but it was too good a picture not to share.

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