Reminiscing About An Amazing Year Shared With Amazing Athletes

As the NSL 2017 Competition Season came to a close after the Space City Open this past weekend, Lee and Jen spent some time with the NSL Team so they could say thank you for all of their hard work in 2017. It was a powerful year with many challenges faced but it was the overwhelming good that came from meeting new people, catching up with old friends, and seeing so many dreams come to life under the stage lights that everyone spent their time reminiscing about. The NSL competitors are why we do what we do and sharing the challenges and celebrations with them this year has touched everyone of us deeply and has us excited for next season already.

Our Commissioner Lee Thompson summed it up best with these words:

“A season of growth is what 2017 brought to our community. Jen, and I were so thankful for the new cities that welcomed the NSL community to their neck of the woods. Seeing the smiles, hearing the laughs and observing the joy in the eyes of each athlete after the delivered a personal best to the stage is all we have ever desired.

We look forward to a great geographical expansion in 2018 while continuing to build upon our foundation of a positive culture, transparent judging, equality and inclusivity for the athlete, coach/trainer, fan and sponsor.”

Thank you,
Lee and Jen

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