Nspire Magazine Set To Launch In February

With the first issue of Nspire Magazine slated to launch in February 2018, we are hard at work putting the content together for both issues one and two.

With so many great stories to tell, the job of narrowing down the candidates for the upcoming issues is an exciting and fascinating task.

After seeing Reggie Williams compete in the Men’s Physique Athletic division at Fit Sport this year sporting a rather prodigious leg brace, we were compelled to dig a little deeper. His story is inspiring and goes well beyond the challenges he has faced and continues to face as he rehabilitates his injured leg. It’s a story we are certain you will find inspirational.

We spent the day with Reggie recently. His story will be featured in issue one.

Honored yet humble, Reggie commented, “While I’m excited beyond measure to be featured, I’m not a cut above the rest; I’m representing the rest who are determined to be the very best versions of themselves.”

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