Logan Stout Talking “Transformational Leadership” At SpaceCity Show

The quest for excellence on stage is achieved with hard work, discipline, consistency. Solid mentorship is also key in order to learn the best and most effective ways to be our very best.

While many of the character traits winners on stage poses and employ are transferable into the rest of their lives, solid mentorship is an invaluable asset for us to have to realize our dreams in life as well as for our pursuits on stage.

Jen and Lee would like you to meet Logan Stout so he will be making a very inspirational presentation at the Space City Contest this Saturday in Houston.

Jen explains: “I was deeply moved and inspired the first time I heard Logan speak, it made me realize a different perspective on how to achieve the things I want to achieve in life. I am so excited to have Logan share his message with our NSL Family.”

Logan Stout is an accomplished business owner, philanthropist, entrepreneur, best-selling author, keynote speaker, leadership trainer and former professional athlete. Logan is globally recognized for his outstanding motivation skills and has been invited to conferences in more than 196 countries. His most recent business venture is directed in the area of health and wellness. Since its launch in May 2014, IDLife, LLC has grown exponentially with partners such as Troy Aikman, celebrity trainer Jen Widerstrom, MLB Hall of Famer Pudge Rodriguez and billionaire Darwin Deason. They are joined by nationally recognized authors and fitness ambassadors on a journey to educate people on the importance of health and wellness and to provide the highest quality nutritional products.

Logan Stout and his wife, Haley, have two sons and reside in Frisco, Texas. They are patrons and honorary chairs of the Boys and Girls Club of Collin County, the American Heart Association of North Texas, founders of Youth Athletes Foundation and other charitable organizations.

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