Learning The Fitness Business And Personal Branding

Stepping on stage for the first time is exhilarating. The months of hard work and sacrifice combined with the unknown and newness of everything can make competing in physique sports for the first time all-consuming. But the moment you feel the warmth of stage lights and the adoring cheers of the crowd, everything falls into place. As you return to the wings, a veteran now and feeling the rush of validation for the weeks and months of preparation, most athletes are hooked.

Getting on stage can be one of the most gratifying things a person can experience, but the fitness industry can offer so much more.

As a fit, attractive, interesting and multi-faceted personality, athletes have the potential to take advantage of opportunities on the business side of the fitness industry. While it may seem as simple as snapping a few selfies, building your social following and waiting for checks to come in the mail; success in the fitness business is something you make happen, it doesn’t happen to you.

Commissioner Lee Thompson and President Jen Thompson brought me into the NSL as Director of Creative and Visual Branding to, among other things, help NSL athletes with all aspects of their fitness careers. No other competitive federation offers anything like this for their athletes. Thus far we have created this news website for the NSL to share important news and helpful information for our NSL family. In January/February of 2018 we will publish the first issue of NSpire Magazine, a digital publication dedicated to the NSL and our athletes.

In January I will begin posting a free video series that will include information on modeling, personal branding, and the business side of being a fitness personality. I will be posting the video series on a regular basis on my personal Youtube Channel and and sharing them on NSpireslNews.com.

With twenty years experience in the fitness industry as a published photographer and writer, former owner and publishers of three magazines, and over thirty years in business including managing professional athletes; I have a lot to share that I hope you will find helpful.

The NSL is getting bigger and better in 2018 thanks to you, our athletes and supporters and we are making sure our athletes benefit from their NSL experience both on and off stage.

If you have any questions or topics you would like covered, please feel free to email me.

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