Is The Judging Fair?

If you have competed in physique sports, then you understand the level of sacrifice as well as the discipline and absolute commitment to detail one must invest for weeks on end while preparing for the stage. There are the emotional ups and downs and the time spent hoping loved ones understand the solitary quest for the very best version of our bodies. Those that stay the course and stand ready in the wings, anticipating the warm stage lights and a celebration of all accomplished, have but one expectation. To be judged fairly and competently.

“In my experience, fairness in judging has always been the most contentious issue for athletes competing in physique sports. When I stated the NSL, I wanted to make sure we had a better system that offered transparency in judging for our athletes so they could know they were being judged fairly. NSL athletes put so much into competing and giving us their very best. I think they deserve our very best in return. The Bodysqid system gives us that transparency and so much more.” Lee Thompson, NSL Co-Founder, and Commissioner explains.

Bodysquid is a locked system that each judge accesses individually on a tablet from their judging position. After evaluating an athlete on stage, the judge then enters a score for that athlete in the system. Once that score is entered, it cannot be altered or removed by anyone. It is a fair and independent opinion from each trained and experienced judge.

Politics is a term that has been synonymous with physique sports in the past, and Commissioner Thompson wants to ensure it never becomes a part of the NSL.

“We don’t allow bias in judging and certainly don’t want to leave any appearance of bias in any way, so we take careful steps to avoid any potential conflicts of interest or credibility issues with our NSL officials. We respect our athletes and appreciate all they do. In turn, we do all we can to ensure they are judged fairly and are offered honest and constructive criticism to help them improve from contest to contest. The NSL is about the athletes and the fans, and we do our best to give them the best experience possible. Bodysquid is an invaluable tool to help us provide that for our athletes, and every athlete should expect fairness and honesty.”

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