Frozen Blueberries Have Just As Many Antioxidants As Fresh

The prevailing belief that frozen blueberries aren’t as good for you as the fresh ones has been proven untrue by Marin Plumb, a researcher from South Dakota State University.

Anthocyanins are antioxidants that are also responsible for the color found in blueberries Plumb explains, and since most of the blueberry color is in the skin. Since Blueberries are frozen shortly after they are picked, “they are equal in quality to fresh,” Plumb explained. “The ice crystals that form during freezing disrupt the structure of the plant tissue, making the anthocyanins more available.”

The frozen blueberries were analyzed to measure the level of anthocyanin for one, three, and five months and there was no decrease in antioxidants when compared to fresh berries.

Ref: Science Daily –

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